Gullen Range Wind Farm

Gullen Range Wind Farm is an operational wind farm in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia. It is owned by New Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd (NGRWF).

The wind farm consists of 73 turbines and produces 165.5MW of renewable power in ideal wind conditions.

On an average day it produces enough energy to power in excess of 60,000 average homes.

By 2020, Gullen Range Wind Farm will have saved 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional power generation.

Stretching from north to south, the wind farm measures 22km, approximately centred on the locality of Bannister, 11km South of Crookwell and 32km north west of Goulburn.

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News Update 12/06/2017: Gullen Range Wind Farm hosts Crookwell High School Students

Gullen Range Wind Farm and Gullen Solar Farm were excited to recently host forty Year 8 students from Crookwell High School. The students were given a mini tour of both the wind farm and solar farm. They had an opportunity to see inside a wind turbine, get up close to a solar panel array and learn about wind and solar energy. With the wind blowing and the sun shining, it was a perfect day to explain to the students how co-located wind and solar plants can work very well together.


News Update 5/06/2017: Latest CCC Minutes – 3rd May 2017

You can download the latest CCC Meeting Minutes on the link below:

CCC Meeting: 3rd May 2017 Minutes


News Update 2/05/2017: Notification to Residents – Maintenance Works and Associated Traffic Movements

Please note that Gullen Range Wind Farm is carrying out maintenance involving cranes. From 3rd May to 5th May, a crane will be delivered to site consisting of approximately twenty semi-trailer deliveries. These deliveries will follow the approved delivery route from Goulburn along the Crookwell Road to Crookwell and then Kialla Road, Range Road, Bannister Lane and Storriers Lane to Bannister.

We aim to minimise disruption to local traffic and maximise safety to all road users during these works. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please monitor our website for further updates.


News Update 2/04/2017: Gullen Range Wind Farm has updated its Out of Hours Works Policy

News Update 2/04/2017: Notification to Residents – Maintenance Works and Associated Traffic Movements

News Update 30/03/2017: Impressive Upgrades to Grabben Gullen Community Hall thanks to a Gullen Range Wind Farm Community Fund Grant

News Update 25/03/2017: Breadalbane Community Hall Committee receives funds towards a community mower from the Gullen Range Wind Farm Community Fund