Lottery operators in Denmark have received a new order from the regulator

Non-commercial lottery operators in Denmark will now use the marking Gambling Office (Spillemyndigheden) when promoting their products.

 C April 1 operators are obliged to ensure that their license status also includes the logo control in the organization and promotion of the lottery draws on websites, in retail outlets and any other places where potential customers can learn about the operator’s services. In this case, the symbols of the gambling operator must not be placed on lottery tickets.

 Gaming Management explained that this measure will allow consumers to check whether a particular provider is licensed. Representatives of the regulator specify that the logo should be visible to the participant, and draws the organizer shall use the most current version of the image provided by Spillemyndigheden.

 By the way, unclaimed winnings Irish national lottery are directed to assist the health care system.

 Not allowed to change the color, proportion and design the official logo. Never use gambling control icon in such a way as to give the impression that gambling regulator is a sponsor or co-profit lottery.

 Changes in the rules are part of the reform that entered into force in Denmark this year. The country has introduced new marketing rules requiring operators to incorporate new information and links to their marketing campaigns. Also from January 1 this year, Denmark introduced a mandatory limits on deposits. These gambling participants should be kept for at least five years, and licensees should develop new rules on the part of responsible gambling.

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